Digital Resilience Initiative

Identify. Educate. Adapt

Using education to create a digitally resilient society.

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  • Identify

    We raise awareness of current and emerging digital threats to help society better identify when someone is trying to do them harm.

  • Educate

    Through online and in person education we are creating a society of informed individuals equipped with the tools and techniques to identify and protect themselves against digital threats.

  • Adapt

    Individuals adapt their online behaviours through a better understanding of digital threats creating a safer online environment.

Who are the Digital Resilience Initiative

A dedicated network of volunteers

The Digital Resilience Initiative is a UK based non-profit, non-government organisation founded in 2018 in London, UK by a group of experts from across the private and public sector. We were created with the sole focus of increasing the resilience of UK society through awareness raising and education.

The UK was already on the road to using the internet as a place for working, banking, buying, selling, and communicating online. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this move. For some of us, operating in this new digital world is less familiar than it is for others. This has made many of us vulnerable to online threats. Criminals, scammers, online hackers, and distributors of fake news have sought to exploit this unfamiliarity.

The evolution of AI and the ubiquitous use of the internet and mobile phones for work and our social lives is making the border between real life and online life increasingly blurred. We all have a part to play in protecting ourselves and our loved ones – ensuring that we have the education and tools in place to do this is just one of the steps that needs to be taken to ensure a safe online world now and in the future.

Our approach

The DRI takes a three pillar approach to engage the community at a grass roots level and address threats from across the digital landscape

  • Centre of excellence

    • The development of training modules and challenge tools to address the threat of cyber attacks, online grooming, cyber fraud and cyber bullying.
    • Continuous monitoring of training delivery and the threat environment to identify new threats and adapt training.
    • Research into new challenge tools, techniques and best practice approaches to combatting digital threats.
    • Ongoing engagement with relevant government, NGO and private sector organisations to ensure approach is integrated and coordinated with broader total defence environment.

  • Community education and training

    • An established team of trained personnel (across the charity sector).
    • Delivery of training programmes to the communities leveraging existing charities and community groups (CCF, Scouts, Women’s Institute, Schools, Charities etc…).
    • Continuous education and awareness raising activities through talks, workshops and ongoing community engagement.

  • Digital engagement

    • DRI website outlining its core purpose, structure and providing access to:
    • Online educational tools and training materials.
    • Online awareness raising through identification of new digital threats and updates on Digital Resilience Initiative and broader UK work.
    • Social media accounts to support awareness raising activities and enable multi-tiered community engagement (includes leveraging high profile personnel within the community to deliver awareness raising activities).